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How Are Construction Companies Using New Technology?

Technology is playing a huge role in every industry over the past few years. Many industries are seeing significant disruption, both positive and negative, because of technology. Many people who are enthusiastic about the construction industry are curious about how this segment of the business world is adapting to new tech. We did our research and looked at three impressive ways that technology is changing the way that construction companies operate.

  1. Green Initiatives in Asphalt Paving

It appears that asphalt paving contractors inĀ Front Royal and other parts of the country are taking the lead when it comes to going green. They are showing that you can produce wonderful asphalt pavements, driveways and walkways without needing to sacrifice the environment.

Some of the changes that we are seeing include adding rubber that is recycled, such as car tires, into the asphalt mix. The result is a mix that is better in quality and lower in noise. It also means that less waste is going into landfills.

While companies in the United States are yet to take up these techniques, we have noticed a few other changes from asphalt companies around the world. For instance, an asphalt paving company in Rotterdam took the initiative to create a bike path that is made from recycled plastic blocks, similar to how LEGO pieces are put together.

There are researchers in Australia that are making headway with adding cigarette butts to asphalt mixes to improve quality. And some driveway pavement companies in Sydney are using recycled printer toners as part of their asphalt mixes. Companies are pushing these initiatives because customers care about how the environment is impacted by such projects.

  1. Robots on Construction Sites

Some technology is far away for construction companies. But other gadgets are already usable. For instance, we have seen robots such as Semi-Automated Masons taking up bricklaying work at construction sites. The great thing about these robots is they can work alongside the regular masons, which means the workload and strain on humans is a lot less.

There is a hope that more construction companies are going to take up this technology in the coming years. Many are worried about how much such robots would cost. But the fact is that a massive increase in productivity occurs when a semi-automated mason robot is used. And when companies are able to integrate them into the workflow even better, the gains will be greater.

  1. Using VR for Preconstruction

When people think about virtual reality, their mind goes towards watching 3D media or playing games. But the truth is that virtual reality is very useful for many industries. And the construction industry appears to be jumping on the bandwagon. We have noticed that some construction companies are starting to create virtual reality mockups of the projects they are undertaking.

Having these virtual reality mockups is interesting. It allows the person who is requesting the project to get an in-depth and interactive look at how the building would turn out, both from the outside and inside. It also means that a lot of cost is avoided by using these mockups instead of physical ones. For instance, a project in the United States involving Layton Construction saved the client around $250,000 in real mockups, because they used virtual reality ones instead!

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