Affordable Home Building Tips: Is an Asphalt Driveway the Cheapest Solution?

On the hunt for affordable home building tips? We attempt to get at least a few tips included in each of our issues. Today we are focusing on the driveway. Many homeowners want a classy driveway that will look great now and in ten years. But they do not want to pay over the odds. We did our research and concluded that asphalt is the best material for homeowners who want an aesthetically pleasing driveway at a low price.

Why is Asphalt So Good?

Most asphalt paving contractors in Front Royal have gone in the direction of sticking with one material. Why? Because they truly believe it is the best option for their customers. We spoke to a few paving contractors in Front Royal and they all said the same thing. “Asphalt is the number one material for residential driveways. It does not make sense for us to still offer concrete.”

The reasons why asphalt has emerged as such a great option are two-fold. The first reason is because of the base cost. The moment something is less expensive than what is the norm, it will gain attention. Concrete driveways were seen as the norm, but asphalt was cheaper per square foot. It still is. And it is why many were attracted to asphalt.

Over the years, it emerged that asphalt driveways were handling wear and tear better than concrete. And it is not just on driveways. There are many roads around the United States that were set up ten or fifteen years ago. The asphalt paved roads look close to new, while the concrete roads are falling apart.

Issues with Concrete Repairs

Another reason why the asphalt driveway is going to save money for homeowners is because of its repairability. Maintaining asphalt is easy and barely costs any money. But even if there are cracks, they are cheap to repair. In contrast, concrete cracks cost a lot of money and take up valuable time to repair.